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Terms & Conditions

By using our website, you must agree to all our terms and conditions after reading them carefully. The Boxes Co reserves all the right to change or remove any of the following points without any prior notice. You are advised to read our terms and conditions carefully before taking our services.

Copyright Notice

We are solely own all the content and data available on this website. This includes all the descriptions, content, images, logo, graphics, icons, and more. No one is allowed to copy, paste, modify or republish the data without our permission. If someone tries to do this, legal action will be taken. Everything that is published on The Boxes Co is our property and we strictly prohibit any illegal access to our data.

User Conduct on Our Website

We are never responsible for any picture, writing, or anything you send through our website. You are responsible for these activities. We never force anyone to upload or send images, writing, logo, icon, or any such thing. Make sure that the text or data you provide us for your products are legal, unique, and authentic. We will never use any content or data that is copied from any third party unless or until you provide us with complete verifications and permission proof. If you fail to provide authentic evidence, we will dismiss that content, graphics, and data. You must agree that you will only share legal, accurate, and non-violent content with us.

The same rule is applied to the data, text, or image you upload or share via our website. We are not responsible for content or data uploaded by any of our customers and do not provide a guarantee of the authenticity, accuracy, or morality of content. The Boxes Co will not be answerable for any violent, illegal, or abusive material. However, we have full authority to remove or delete content that is abusive, unlawful, violent, or indecent. We have control over all the content of our website including descriptions, symbols, graphics, and more. If we find anything objectionable by our customers, we have the right to remove it however, this is not our duty. We may reveal the content for any legal process, in reply to assert or to preserve the safety of our website.

You must provide us accurate and authentic information so that we can excellently proceed with your orders. Remember that our website is only for the use of humans and not by robots, machines, or automated means. Moreover, the illegal persons cannot use our website otherwise we will take lawful actions against them. Make sure that you have all the rights, permissions, and authentication proofs to use our website or place an order with us. After the confirmation, we will proceed with your order. Any confusing, illegal, violent, or abusive content will not be accepted.

To sign up or to take any action on The Boxes Co, you must agree and prove that you are of sufficient age, agrees to our terms, and have legal status. If you fail to provide this evidence, we will not proceed with your order. After signing up with us, you are responsible to protect all the credentials, passwords, and information that is necessary to sign in again on the website. Any action taken on our website with your registered account is your responsibility. When you place an order with your account, you give us access to use, modify, display, print, adapt, and use the content on products or the website. We can store the design to make design samples or to advertise our services.

You cannot access all the sections of our website by simply visiting. Some parts require login or signup by using authentic email and password. To register with us, you need to provide some personal or professional information. Make sure not to disclose or share your password with any third party or person. The responsibility is all yours to protect your credentials to make your account secure. The Boxes Co uses and collects your data as per the described terms and conditions.

Return and Refund Policy

We offer the best box printing, designing, and manufacturing services to all industries. We confirm your order right after you place it with us. However, you have to inform us within 2 to 3 business days after receiving your order about a return or refund. You can claim a return or refund if the order is not according to your instructions, descriptions, or data you provided to us. The order is also refundable if the products are damaged or defective. However, we will make a complete investigation and verification about the defect. If the defect will not be according to the description, the money will not be refunded. However, we will compensate for the loss by reprinting or remanufacturing the products. We possess all the rights to investigate the loss and causes on our own. You need to clear all the defective areas by submitting digital pictures to us.

Payment, Order Placement and Cancellation

We accept all payment methods for the convenience of our clients. We will start working on your order until your made full payment including tax, handling, designing, and shipping fee. You can pay through a credit card or any other authentic payment method. You can place an order by calling us by sign up at The Boxes Co. Hence, you can cancel the order within 4 hours after confirmation. You may have to pay a cancelation fee based on the nature and quantity of the order. However, we never refund for design orders. The charges and taxes are applied as per the current policy.

Artwork & Designs Submitted by Customers

We can make any design you provide to us. However, you need to provide a 300 dpi file of your design in CMYK format. If you do not provide the CMYK file, we will not be responsible for blur, exaggerated, or any different printing from your expectations. We have the authority to dismiss the design if we find any unlawful, unethical or abusive element.

Color Accuracy and Proofs

You have to send the electronic file of the design and prints that we need to proceed with the order. Make sure to send the CYMK file for prints and color accuracy. Also, check your original file carefully.

No Liability to Errors

The Boxes Co is not responsible if there is an error in your products printing or designing such as:

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes
  • Graphic punctuations
  • Overprinting
  • Cropping marks, die lines
  • The difference in finishes products

Production Speed Delivery and Shipping

We ensure the on-time products delivery to our customers. The shipping of your orders will be done within 10 to 12 working days. However, the order can be delayed for any public holiday, weather, or uncertain circumstances. You may have to pay extra charges for the order delivery on extra locations. We are not responsible for any damage done during the shipment of the product.

Contact The Boxes Co for Booking your Order

We provide the best packaging solutions to all industries. To book your order, send us an email or directly call us.

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