Custom Bandage Boxes

Custom Bandage Boxes with Logo at Wholesale

Bandages require proper protection and accommodation as they are sensitive items. At The Boxes Co, we excellently fulfill the bandage packaging requirements of retailers. Here, you can get custom bandage boxes wholesale in many shapes, styles, and sizes. We use durable and high-quality materials to create them in amazing styles. Important information and description can also be added to engage customers. Our professionals keep in view high safety standards while creating bandage boxes. Hence, the use of innovative printing techniques makes our boxes distinctive. On your demand, we can also add your company’s logo and other details on them to enhance customer loyalty.

Custom Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes with Logo at Wholesale

Bakery Boxes keep the inside products safe during storage or delivery. Along with the protection, these boxes give style and attractive presentation to bakery items. At The Boxes Co, we create and supply eco-friendly, attractive and durable custom bakery boxes wholesale. Designed by professionals, our custom printed bakery boxes come in various styles, sizes and themes. You can easily customize them with logo and other specifications. We offer unlimited printing, die-cutting, lamination and finishing options. You can get custom bakery boxes with window, handles and other innovative features. This remarkably upgrades the value, demand and appeal of your products.

Custom Biscuit Boxes

Custom Biscuit Boxes with Logo at Wholesale

Biscuit boxes are best to keep the cookies safe and present them well. They are also important to differentiate your cookie brand from the rest. The Boxes Co offers top-notch biscuit boxes wholesale in the best of quality and styles. You can get them in many styles, shapes, prints and layouts. We are also proficient in custom printing, logo printing, and designing. Our custom biscuit boxes preserve the crispiness and freshness of the inside products. We provide custom biscuit packaging with logo, tagline, ingredients and other important nutritional information. This quickly engages customers and increases the chances of sales.

Custom Black Gable Boxes

Custom Black Gable Boxes with Logo at Wholesale

Black Gable Boxes glamorize the look of your valuable retail products. They are also widely used as gift boxes because of their luxurious look and premium manufacturing approach. The Boxes Co provides high-end custom black gable boxes wholesale to fulfill your multiple requirements. The finest quality material is used by our professionals to create them. Our stylish and attractive custom printed black gable boxes have the potential to make your products stand out on retail shelves. You can get them in unique gable designs however we offer many finishes, coating and lamination options. They are customizable in your desired style, size and themes.

Custom Belt boxes

Custom Belt boxes with Logo at Wholesale

Belt boxes are strong and attractive that perfectly accommodate belts. They give belts a mesmerizing look thus quickly attract customers. At The Boxes Co, we offer luxury belt boxes wholesale that are matchless in terms of quality and style. They are durable, eco-friendly, and economical. You can get them in variety of sizes, styles and layouts with unlimited printing options. The best quality material is used to create custom belt boxes. Hence, we offer many finishes, die-cutting, lamination and coating options to give a touch of exclusivity. Our belt packaging boxes are customizable in any way according to your specific needs.

Window Apparel Boxes

Custom Window Apparel Boxes at Wholesale

Window apparel boxes enhance the product’s visibility and appeal. These boxes are well-crafted to present apparel in an outstanding manner to encourage more sales. The Boxes Co provides premium window apparel boxes wholesale designed by experts. Our boxes are matchless in terms of structure, visual appeal and designs. The window can be customized in multiple shapes and sizes according to your demand. We also offer many customization options in terms of printing, die-cutting, lamination, coating, finishing, and more. To strengthen your brand, you can also get custom window apparel boxes with logo. Our apparel packaging boxes are effective to make your products easily notable.

Custom Wine Boxes

Custom Wine Boxes at Wholesale

Wine Boxes are an excellent way to accommodate and showcase wine bottles. These boxes carry the wines safely thus serve many branding purposes. The Boxes Co provides an extensive collection of custom wine boxes wholesale in a variety of styles. We create wine packaging according to high standards. With a wide range of wine box designs, sizes, styles and prints, you can choose the one that suits your specific needs. Our custom wine boxes come with dividers, die-cuts, window slots and other attractive features. You can get debossed or embossed wine packaging with high-end finishes, lamination and coating options.

Custom Soap Boxes

Custom Soap Boxes at Wholesale

Wholesale soap boxes serve many purposes i.e. soap’s protection, promotion and advertisement. They give your soap brand a distinctive identity. The Boxes Co offers wholesale soap boxes in the finest quality and innovative styles. Our soap boxes are incredible in terms of durability and appearance. You can get custom soap boxes with logo and product descriptions. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes. We offer wholesale soap boxes in exciting themes, patterns, colors and prints with many finishing and coating options. Such incredibly designed soap boxes give your products a standout look on retail shelves.

Custom White Corrugated Boxes

Custom White Corrugated Boxes at Wholesale

White corrugated boxes are eco-friendly, cost-effective and highly appealing. You can use them for gifting, shipment and product display purposes. If you are looking for high-quality white corrugated boxes wholesale, The Boxes Co provides the best solution. Here, you can get premium white corrugated packaging for multiple products. You can get white corrugated boxes with window, luxury coating, die-cuts, lamination, high-quality finishes and much more. We also provide logo printing and pattern-making options. These boxes are strong and durable thus provide proper safety to the inside items. We offer white corrugated boxes in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Custom Window Boxes

Custom Window Boxes at Wholesale

Window boxes are one of the most demanded and advanced packaging modes. They allow customers to have a clear glimpse of the inside products. The Boxes Co creates and supplies custom window boxes wholesale in amazing styles. We provide them in numerous sizes, shapes and styles. You can get the windows in various custom shapes to enhance product’s visibility. Our custom window boxes are durable and visually appealing. They can be printed artistically by our professionals in fascinating themes, images and graphics. You can also get custom window boxes with logo, name, tagline and other brand’s specifications. Our window packaging boxes positively impact customer’s buying decision.

Custom Two Piece Boxes

Custom Two Piece Boxes Packaging in Bulk

Two piece boxes are among the trendier and most demanded packaging types that are used for many products. As the name implies, these boxes consist of two parts a lid and a basic structure in which products are placed. The Boxes Co offers luxury two piece boxes wholesale in unique designs. You can get them in various layouts, sizes, prints and themes. In custom two piece boxes, the products become more visible and secure. We use durable cardboard, rigid or Kraft material to make them. However, you can customize them in many ways to fulfill your specific packaging, marketing and branding requirements. To add a touch of exclusivity, we provide many finishing, coating, lamination and embossing options.

Custom Serum Boxes

Custom Serum Boxes Packaging In Bulk

Serum boxes are essential for the packaging of serums in an outstanding way. They keep the inside products safe and promote them effectively. The Boxes Co offers high-quality custom serum boxes wholesale in fascinating styles. You can get them in multiple shapes, sizes and themes. Our custom serum boxes are made of durable material. Hence, they can be printed in your desired way. We also offer custom serum boxes with logo, name, tagline and other specific details. This makes your cosmetic brand reliable. Many die-cutting, coating, finishing, and lamination options are also available that make the serum boxes unique.

Why Choose Us?

The Boxes Co provides the best packaging solutions to all industries. You can get
custom boxes wholesale for all products at flexible rates.


All our boxes are made of durable and eco-friendly packaging material to maximize product protection. We keep in view high quality standards while manufacturing and printing boxes.

Free Design Support

Our professional team provides great assistance in choosing the best custom box design. You can choose from our design templates or specify your own design.

100% Customization

Get Custom boxes in your desirable themes, prints, die-cuts, and business information. You can get custom boxes with logo, name, tagline, and any detail to boost up your brand’s visibility.

Free Shipping

We provide free shipping and fast turnarounds. You can order custom packaging boxes in any quantity.

The Boxes Co.

The Boxes Co. is one of the top-ranked packaging suppliers in the world. The company initially came into existence with the prime motive to assist business enterprises with growth and succession. Excellent packaging solutions assist in reaching that prime goal. It took years of experience and knowledge to get to a position where we stand today. At The Boxes Co., we observe packaging practices that deliver quality, cost-effectiveness, and versatile packaging designs. Our market and consumer knowledge have made it easier to identify influential factors driving your enterprise’s sales revenue. We put great emphasis on packaging attributes that instantly entice buyers and earn huge profits. Besides the strategies intended to boost revenue, our company also priorities retaining old customers. A satisfied customer will most likely reconsider purchasing your product. It is only possible through user-friendly packaging that keeps the customer content.

Easy Selection Process

Your comfort matters to us. We keep our selection process transparent and straightforward to bring maximum ease to our clients. A complete guide on the selection process is given below for the convenience of our clients. • Choose the packaging size, style and design You can choose a size, style, and design that perfectly fulfils your needs. However, if you lack knowledge regarding suitable packaging, our design experts will provide complete guidance on what is best for your business enterprise. • Showcase your DesignIt is essential to let us know what ideas you have in mind. Your perspective can make a massive difference in deriving the ultimate packaging design. However, if you are unsure of what you desire, we can exhibit a few samples that will help you better analyze the product packaging and decide what fits best. • Instant QuoteOnce you have specified the packaging dimensions and the design style, we instantly quote a price charged for the packaging services. Getting an instant quote will help you quickly decide on the feasibility of the package.

Free Perks

Unlike other packaging suppliers, we offer many services with no additional price charged to the customer. Along with other benefits, you can also get these free perks when you place your order with us.

Free Physical Sampling

one major perk that gives us a competitive edge in the market is the provision of free sample packaging. We initially developed 3D images for the client. With the customer consent, we begin the manufacture of the final product.

Free Delivery

Business enterprises have a restricted budget allocated for marketing purposes. We realize the constraints companies encounter. Therefore, we keep the delivery service free to keep your expenses minimum.

Free Design Support

Design is the key to any packaging success. Packaging design acts as a language we employ when communicating intent. Packaging most likely keeps the buyer well informed about the product worth and make wise purchase decisions. We have a team specializing in designing artefacts that successfully communicate your company’s vision.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Advancement in manufacturing equipment and efficient communication between departments has allowed our packaging company to deliver boxes in no time. As soon as we receive the packaging order, processing begins, and we despatch the final product within the shortest time. Moreover, we facilitate rush orders for customers who require immediate delivery of the packaging boxes.

Eco-friendly packaging materials

Our company holds massive concern for the environmental damage and global warming spreading excessively around the globe. To promote a green, healthy environment, we stick to packaging material that is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Kraft is the most widely employed packaging material that companies prioritize.

High-quality Printing

Printing of striking patterns and colour schemes trigger consumer attention with their beauty. We only employ the best printing techniques that bring the most enchanting look out of your packaging. You can choose an option from the printing options given below. • Digital Printing • Offset Printing • Flexography printing

Packaging Material

Material is crucial to packaging safety which is the prime motive of any packaging box. We only choose top quality packaging material to ensure durable packaging production. You can select a suitable material that fulfils your product requirement. Below is a given list. • Cardstock• Corrugated• Rigid• Cardstock• Eco-friendly Kraft• Linen Stock

Packaging Styles

We continue to introduce various styling options that add value to the product worth and enhance their appearance. We provide an array of styling options below.• Display Boxes• Mailer Boxes• Tuck-End Boxes• Sleeve Boxes• Two-piece Boxes


Inserts are a highly recommended option that guarantees the complete safety of the inside commodities. With the incision of inserts, there is less likely any chance of products bumping into each other and causing breakage. The few inserts available on our website are as follows. • Foam • Punch Insert • Fence Inserts • Blister


Like many other packaging attributes, the coating is essential to create a mesmerizing vibe about your packaging. With the adoption of coating options, you can instantly add attraction to your packaging. Here are a few coating options available. • Gloss • Matte • Satin


Add-ons are additional features that enhance packaging beauty and appear distinctive amongst other competitor products. You can view the following add-ons and decide what suits best for your product packaging.• Spot UV• Die-cutting• Embossing• Debossing• PVC window• Foil Stamping

Why The Boxes Co.?

The Boxes Co. prides itself in serving millions of customers with an array of perks and customization options that will instantly give your business a step ahead. We adopt strategies and marketing tactics that promote your brand in a highly competitive market. Companies with experience working with us gladly come back with an impressive retention rate. If you intend to lead in a highly competitive environment, wisely choose us as your final packaging destination.

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